Brampton Morning Update- Finale Friday, June 26, 2020

Fazal with our guests Don, Nikki and Karla.

Today is our last day of this 20-day pilot project and we are very happy with the support and comments received. Thank you! 

On today’s show, for our final Brampton Morning Update, we are joined with Don McLeod, Nikki Cedrone, Karla Bailey, and our two senior interns, Hiral and Perry. First we have a one-on-one chat with Don about the creation of this project and feedback received. 

 Then we are also joined with Nikki and Karla about the state of the city. We also talk about our other projects like CityStudio, Brampton Focus, Brampton Neighbours etc.

Some good banter later, we have our senior interns Perry and Hiral talking about our summer interns. 

Thank you for watching the morning shows and supporting us with your attention! Look out for more information regarding this project and stay safe.

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