Meet the Interns

Through the Federal Canada Summer Jobs Program, we’re able to hire passionate high-school and university students to be engaged with their city and develop important skills. Here are some of the amazing students we brought on this summer!

Gurleen Badwal

My name is Gurleen Badwal and I will be entering grade 12 at Central Peel Secondary School this fall! I have lived in Brampton my whole life, and through my internship at Brampton Focus, I have gotten to explore the city and write articles about my experiences. I am a young woman in STEM, and have helped to organize several conferences encouraging youth to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics. I am currently working with a non-profit organization called SimplyNeuroscience to develop “brain” resources for students around the world! In the future, I hope to study neuroscience and psychology.

Om Sant

Hi my name is Om. I will be attending University of Ottawa for Finance. I have been living in Brampton for 7 years and can say with certainty that I am a proud Brampton Resident. Furthermore, I am an engaged citizen who has had the opportunity to stay engaged through my summer with Brampton Focus. Going into university I hope to continue building my skills this summer and have them translate into a successful career in finance. To sum it up I am an engaged citizen, and a goal driven boy, who tries to achieve as much as he can.

Christian Kennedy

Hey, My name is Christian Kennedy and I am going to be starting my first year at Western University studying Business Management and Organizational Studies in the fall. This is my second year at Brampton Focus and I am excited to partake in business related projects that occur in Brampton this summer. Although business is my future and my passion, athletics has always been a major aspect of my life that has contributed to the person I am today. My goal is to build my business knowledge through practical experience with Brampton Focus and translate it to my studies in the fall. Ultimately I yearn to have another amazing experience this summer with the Brampton Focus Team!

Bianca Modi

Hey! My name is Bianca Modi, and I’m going into my second year at McMaster University. I am the co-founder of the Stay Woke non profit organization which focuses on bringing youth to the forefront of change, through the intersection of social justice and creativity. Alongside this initiative, I use my passion for writing to bring light to various topics and perspectives. As a first year intern at Brampton Focus, my goal is to do just that by covering important issues in Brampton as an article writer/editor. As a Health Sciences student, I eventually hope to help minority and vulnerable communities by helping minimize healthcare disparities and inequities. Ultimately, I hope to use my passions and skills, especially that of writing and social justice, to leave a positive impact in a healthcare and social context.

Aaron Tang

Hey! I’m Aaron, and this is my second year working with Brampton Focus and Neighbourhood Watch Brampton. I graduated from Turner Fenton Secondary School in 2016 and am currently at Western University doing an Honours Specialization in Biology. After graduating, I aim to complete a Masters degree in Immunology, which will hopefully lead to a PhD down the road! Having been born and raised in Brampton, engaging with the community and working to bring local issues to attention is an excellent opportunity for me to give back to the city I love.

Daniel Joseph

Hi! My name is Daniel Joseph and I am in my final year of high school at St. Roch CSS. This summer marks my third year with Brampton Focus, and in the past years I have primarily focused my efforts on media creation (including but not limited to: photography, videography, editing). I have lived in Brampton for a large part of my life, and as a result, it has shaped me into the person I am today. The Brampton Focus internship provided me with the unique opportunity to connect with the community that I grew up in, and give back in a meaningful and memorable way. In the fall, I will be starting my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering at Queen's University, though I do not plan on disconnecting with the city that raised me.

Kavita Bassi

Hi! My name is Kavita Bassi and I’m going into my fourth year at Western University. I’m in the business management and organizational studies program with a specialization in public administration. This is my first year working at Brampton Focus and I’m really excited for the opportunities to engage with the community firsthand. Having worked as a volunteer with Radio Western for the past year, I’m really excited to further my experience this summer while also giving back to my community.

Hamidah Oderinwale

Hello! My name is Hamidah Oderinwale and I am a first-year intern at Brampton Focus, I am going to be entering my 10th grade year at Cardinal Leger Secondary School. I am an avid writer, and enjoy completing independent science research projects. In the future, I hope to be an engineer or be a leader in the biotech industry. I am incredibly excited to be a part of the Brampton Focus team, to help inform Bramptonians and shed light on some of the wonderful events that take place in our community! As the founder of ‘Oply’ - a non-profit organization working to even the playing field and bring meaningful opportunities to students.Throughout my time working for the organization, I hope to develop the skills necessary to grow my entrepreneurial endeavours, build connections with Canadian leaders, and gain marketing and writing experience. I look forward to enjoying this valuable experience!

Aisorya Bhandari

Hi! My name is Aisorya Bhandari and I'm going into my second year of University at the University of Ottawa for Computer Science with a Specialization in Entrepreneurship. This is my third summer at Brampton Focus and I can attest that through my various internship roles here, it has provided opportunities like no other. It's allowed me to network with city officials, write & edit articles and meet some insanely talented individuals! Outside of school and work, I'm part of the organizing committee for CUSEC 2021, which is the Canadian University Software Engineering Conference. As an individual, I live life with a growth mindset. I have a passion for learning, especially when it comes to how I can use technology to make life easier for others.

Harleen Klair

Hi, my name is Harleen Klair and I'm going to start my 2nd year at McMaster University in the Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences program, specializing in Mechanical Engineering. With this, I hope to one day create my own company to build prosthetics, thus helping to bridge the gap between biology and technological design. Despite my involvement in the STEM field, my passion lies in the arts. In an effort to bring light to issues regarding self-reflection and motivation, I've created an art series, each highlighting and hoping to inspire others to be the best version of themselves. This is also my second year as an intern at Brampton Focus. After living in the city for 14 years, I loved the opportunity to work with an organization that worked to bring forth information that the citizens of Brampton needed to hear.

Jugal Amin

Hello everyone, I’m Jugal and this is my first year at Brampton Focus. I’m excited to learn more about the community and grow as a person through this internship. I’ve lived in Brampton since 2006 and love to get involved in the city by volunteering at a variety of places such as a local garden, summer camps at Gore Meadows and cultural festivals. This summer, my main role will be to apply my technical skills to improve the various sites that Brampton Focus oversees in order to provide the citizens with an enjoyable and informative experience. I am entering McMaster University this fall as a first year student in Computer Science. My career goal is to create software that helps out those in the medical sector.

Ananya Jaikumar

I’m Ananya Jaikumar and I’m going into Grade 12 at Central Peel Secondary School! I’ve lived in Brampton for 10 years now, and I’m excited to learn and create content about the city through my internship! I’m passionate about STEM and entrepreneurship, and I hope to study engineering and business in the future. I have experience hosting many events and initiatives including the Sparkin’ STEM Conference and the SPARK Hackathon, and I’m part of Tech Under Twenty, a non-profit organization based in Halton. I also love music, whether it’s singing or playing the cello, guitar, or piano! I’m looking forward to writing articles, promoting events in the city, and developing my communication and advocacy skills.

Shyreen Longia

Hey! My name is Shyreen Longia, and I am a driven, hard-working 17-year-old attending Central Peel Secondary School for the Advanced Placement Program. Outside of the classroom, I am passionate about competing in a business club called DECA, for which I have qualified to compete at the international level, and am also an organizer for CPSS MUN, the biggest Model United Nations conference in the Peel District School Board. Additionally, as an aspiring pediatrician, I love working with kids. Through volunteering as an Ambassador Lead for the City of Brampton and having lived here all my life, I am well acquainted with this promising city and want to promote everything it has to offer!

Sharamsha RC

My name is Sharamsha RC, but everyone calls me RC. I am going to Ryerson University for a Bachelor of Nursing this year after graduating from Turner Fenton Secondary School. My end goal is to open up my own clinic as a Nurse Practitioner and help my community. I have lived in Brampton for 5 years and love to explore the city through biking.

Rohun Baxi

My name is Rohun Baxi and I will be entering the University of Waterloo for Computer Science. I just graduated from Central Peel Secondary School in the AP program. I live in Brampton since 2011 and this is my first year working with Brampton Focus. I have worked with numerous kids, elders, and community programs in this city, and I know the locale inside and out. I want to work here to help in bringing attention and quality information to the citizens of Brampton. My end goal is to work as a software engineer, perhaps in a way that merges the humanities as well.

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